Goldie is the name of our boutique vineyard nestled in the beautiful setting of Waiheke Island. Here we create character wines that draw on the knowledge and experience of Kim and Jeanette Goldwater who founded winegrowing on Waiheke Island and produced iconic wines from this vineyard. We continue their philosophy of nurturing and improving our established vineyards. One never stops learning.


Our vineyards are an oasis in an already beautiful island. They sit on the edge of Putiki Bay in a micro-climate where the soil, sun and landscape provide an ideal terrior.


We believe in, and practice, sustainable winegrowing—environmentally, economically and emotionally. Winegrowing is a long-term business. The vineyards are the home of vines, flora and fauna and people. We want them all to be around for a long time. Our vineyards have been part of the Sustainable Winegrowing programme since the pilot programme was introduced in 1998.


Our vineyard is also the home of the Goldwater Wine Science Centre. The University of Auckland, owner of the Goldie Vineyard, intends to continue the innovative spirit of the Goldwater family with the establishment of a premium wine education facilitywhere students are hardwired to the needs of the wine industry. The immersion of students in an operating winery setting also means the winery benefits through access to leading academic developments.

Vineyard History